Dead Fish


I am sad to say that Leviathan is pretty much lost. My computer is broken, and with it, every asset and information I have written about the game. While I somehow try to find a new computer, and salvage what is left. I’m pretty sure everything is gone though, let’s just say it got a harpoon through it’s hard drive…
I have one last code to share with you. I really hope someone will solve it, since it is a really big secret. And probably the last.


The upward spiral

Recently, I moved the blog to, our own page! As own now, it’s just an implementation of this blog and I’m now gonna start posting only on that site, until we can fix a link to this blog. But go to that page for all the news you want about Leviathan or our works at Pixygon! I’ve also added a rather… puzzling post on the new page, be sure to check that one out and see if you can figure everything out! I’ll send whoever solves everything a banana!(It sort of just became the prize, and that’s what I can afford! So… Deal with it, I guess?).

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Beacon of light at night


This has been most of my evening tonight. I painted some giraffes with scarfs! Nah, just kidding. It’s something completely different. You’ll have to figure out what everything is yourself!:D I’ve also played the role of cartographer and mapped most of the levels into a neat map! System. Now, I’m going to sleep before another day behind the store counter.

Slow week in updates

Leviathan Cover Alternativ 2

By Filipe Hernandes. Check out more by him at !

So sorry for not having updated much lately! I’ve been doing a lot of stuff with the game you just can’t know yet, not until you’ve played the game yourself!:D Let’s just say I’ve been deep into the pixels!

Some of you might have seen the piece of concept art I’m sharing today, since it was one of the very first images from the world of Leviathan. For you other guys that haven’t seen it yet, enjoy it!:D Filipe did a very good job with it and managed to capture the atmosphere of the game in one picture! Next week, I’ll reveal some brand new, freshly-pressed screenshots from the game! Excuse me while I finish the scenes for the screens.

Check out more cool stuff by Filipe Fernandes on his own blog!

We’re working!


These past days have been so full of planning, work and injury that I haven’t had the time the write here! We recieved our tickets that we have started handing out(did you get one?) They don’t do much yet, but that will come soon. Besides that, I’ve been working more on some levels,and i am ready to start creating the final version of those areas. We are soon ready to start the work on some really good “promo”! Boris might fill you more in on that at a later time.

Right now, I am with Boris, working hard on Leviathan! He’s creating a boss, I am creating the place where you fight him meanwhile im developing his behaviours! This boss is something for you loving the Stalord boss from Twilight Princess!

I have been playing a lot of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, since it came out, it so good! I’d love some visit to my city, Vindaloo!

The weekend

Ah… Sunrise soothes me yet again, since I’ve not gone to sleep, but rather been up drawing, calculating, planning and scheming. I’ve not been that active on the blog the last couple of days, since I’ve been busy working on Leviathan. Well. Working on Leviathan is the “real” job I’m doing, so it comes before writing on the blog! It’s too bad I can’t show you what I’ve worked on pretty much all of this week… It’s just spoilers for you, I’m afraid 😦

But I’ve done some other things, so I might as well share a little bit of what else I’ve done! The whole team is now trying to focus more on pushing something more visual and interactive into the website we’re planning. Just now, I put the final touches on the concept of what might be our face outwards when we move away from this blog. I think I’ve got some neat ideas in the mix, and hopefully, we’ll create a website that can keep you busy until you can actually play our games! The way things are looking like now, it won’t be long at all until you can see what we have been working on!

But now, sleep calls for me.

Tomorrow is a new day to dream and create!

Coworker approaching


Hi to you all, especially to YOU, reading this.

I’m a recently finished electrician and a boy interested in creating/drawing new characters and worlds through art, even though I ain’t really good at it yet. I’ll strive to get better, in drawing and most things related to that. It is exactly this that Pixygon has given me the drive to achieve, so I’ll be the one doing a lot of the fine art (I hope). To get a better understanding of painting
‘n stuff I will be trying to attend an art school next year to at least have some background in art.

Then with all my “huge” knowledge I want to create rememberable characters and visuals to impress and immerse a player, just like all the good games have done towards me.
One of the games that have done that are the METAL GEAR SOLID series, as well as the first METAL GEAR games for the msx, so without saying, I’m looking forward too this Thursday (KONAMI’s E3 conference). This is one of the games that really immersed me, a game with good story, good characters and has a very thorough visual style, I like that.

Too not make this post all to long I will just write down some of my favorite games.
You have the Zelda series even though I’m lagging behind with playing them all. Then we have Vanquish and Dark Souls, with AWESOME gameplay and visuals, the Monster Hunter games that have a of content and awesome upgrades.
Since I like game and the visual a lot, I’m pretty much a HUGE sucker for art books.
So, all in all, I want to become an concept artist with the ability to create new worlds and stories for your enjoyment.

So that only leaves me to say; good morning, good evening and good night to you, wherever and whenever you are.